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Introduction to Industry Insider

The Future is Finally Here, Now What?

This edition of The SoDA Report is being released at a time when many “technologies of the future” are finally seeing the light of day.  We’re talking about the kind of stuff predicted by 1950s futurists.

The Apple Watch has launched, getting us (almost) to the point of the famous Dick Tracy watch phone.  A wide array of Virtual Reality offerings are on the verge of coming to market, ranging from the augmentation flavors of Magic Leap and Microsoft’s HoloLens to the full immersion of Oculus to the simplicity and accessibility of Google Cardboard.

The private space flight industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. SpaceX is testing reusable rockets with vertical landing legs. Virgin Galactic is building a new craft.  Vulcan Aerospace is assembling the world’s largest plane (with six 747 engines and a wingspan wider than a football field) in order to launch rockets into space from an altitude of 30,000 feet.

3D printers continue to get cheaper and smaller. Facebook is bringing free Internet to emerging markets. Google is bringing it to the most remote places on Earth with balloons. And I just bought an HP tablet for $80 that runs a full version of Windows. Eighty bucks! Unfortunately for our lot, this doesn’t mean we have the luxury of taking a break to sort out the meaning of these changes. More change will come.

The next generation is growing up learning to code.  As online education, cheap technology and Internet access become ubiquitous, we’ll see a new, global generation of entrepreneurs create a new wave of even greater change. And that’s fun, and why we’re all in this business. In this round of Industry Insider, four great minds from SoDA’s membership help navigate these futuristic waters, with their scary robot sharks and hidden coves of opportunity. The articles touch on everything from our industry’s similarity to Game of Thrones to the importance of letting yourself be a little naked, metaphorically, with your clients. Without further ado, please enjoy these articles from Nathan Moody of Stimulant, Jim McArthur of Mirum, Emily Wengert of Huge and Jonathan Tvrdik of Phenomblue.