The Soda Academy

From the SoDA Board Chair

Tony Quin, Chairman of the Board, SoDA & CEO, IQ

Tony Quin

Thank you for viewing the first 2015 edition of The SoDA Report.

We are delighted that The SoDA Report has become one of the most viewed digital trend publications in the world, with over 300,000 views per issue. In this latest issue, SoDA’s elite membership, partners and other industry leaders provide their insights into digital innovation for brands and the blurring borders of digital marketing, customer service and product design.

As SoDA enters its 9th year, the organization has gained unprecedented momentum. From a base of 13 founding companies in 2006, the organization has grown to nearly 100 handpicked member companies, in thirty-four countries, with nearly 300 offices worldwide. SoDA has truly become a global network made up of the most respected digital agencies and creative companies in the world.

Getting into SoDA is still not easy. Only 14% of the companies that applied over the past 12 months have been invited to become a member. It’s a rigorous process. First a member must support the application of each candidate company. Then, based on their HQ location, the appropriate regional membership committee will review their work, reputation and culture. Those that pass this test go on to be reviewed by the board, which finally presents its recommendations to the entire membership for a vote. As a result, this rigorous commitment to the highest standards of excellence has produced a peer group that is unique in the digital world.

In the coming year, you will not only see more editions of The SoDA Report, but also SoDA’s expanded presence at major industry events around the globe, in addition to our own event series called SoDA Sessions. Later in 2015, we’ll debut The SoDA Academy, an invite-only conference that will take place in Brooklyn October 11-13. The event will bring together director-level leaders from digital agencies around the world, in 10 key disciplines, for a unique master class and collaborative peer-to-peer exchange. After the extraordinary success of the C-level SoDA meetings, the mission of The SoDA Academy is to bring that same remarkable experience to discipline leaders from across the industry.

I hope you find this edition of The SoDA Report valuable and enjoyable. Take the time to explore our website at, where you can also sign up for our mailing list and keep informed about what’s coming next from SoDA.

Best wishes,
Tony Quin
Chairman of the Board, SoDA
CEO, IQ Agency