The Soda Academy

Introduction to Tech Talk

The purpose of “Tech Talk” is to “future gaze on the technology developments and trends impacting the industry.” This issue of The SoDA Report takes a critical view on the manner of creating new consumer-facing technologies as well as their intent.

Leading off is Paul Cloutier, of Method, who suggests experience prototypes might be more insightful in developing new technology-enabled consumer products and services than more traditional research or functional prototypes. This section concludes with two pieces – one each from Koombea’s Jonathan Tarud and PwC’s John Swadener – providing a call to action for innovators in the space to focus on positive change, not just “tech for cool” or “tech for tech” sake.

It strikes me as a good thing that we have multiple people from disparate companies and disciplines all contributing pieces with similar themes focused on questions of progress. Our work can’t just be focused on selling more products to more people. It must also push the discipline of innovation–and the development of technology–forward both in approach and in intent.