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Introduction to People and Culture

Tamara Hlava, Column Five

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Live each day as if was your last. Learn as if you would live forever. – Gandhi

The future is emotional. It will be filled with diverse beauty and new efficiencies. A tremendous amount of resources and opportunity will be available to those humble and curious enough, that will teach us to build more trust, to value respect over likes, and clarify consensual interactions.

Designing for change takes courage. Brain science reveals that change invokes a fear response, and fear or self-doubt defeats more people than anything else. Change burnout leads to workplace disengagement and turnover. As we work to define and reach greatness in our work, and goodness in our societies, we are up against the realities of accelerating innovation, a data avalanche, and the anxiety of the unknown.

We know of the darkness and light in our world; the future will be full of distraction and we may see a mental health decline or worse. There will be an astounding amount of bullshit that you never thought you’d have to try to make sense of for yourself, your family, or your organization. Leading through the changes that we can expect to see in our world over the next decades will require careful strategies that focus on supporting us to be genuinely better humans.

This earnest endeavor to bring about positive change is both personal and business, and we will see that neither are distinct from each other much longer. Have a vision that commits to align company purpose with community needs and seek inclusion in the design of your products and workplace environments. Honestly seek to understand the ways we impact each other. Seek clarity around personal or systemic unconscious bias, and teach others what you learn. Listen better and be charismatic in order to reach others. Normalize therapy and do the self-care necessary for a positive mental attitude.

As we work toward a fair and sustainable world, set an intention to solve more problems and stay inspired. Your future self, your critics, partners, and the generations to come shall grace you with their blessed and continued existence.

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About the author: Tamara has always felt inclined to help creative, big personalities with their ideas and has found a harmonious career in People Operations. She enjoys weather, yoga, and making stuff—and she loves her family fiercely.